Swains Reef UFO Encounter


A meticulous observation of an unusual phenomenon was documented by an individual aboard the MV Ampol Surel. At precisely 0005hrs, while positioned at twenty-two degrees 3′ E, 151 degrees 2′ E, under a patchy cloud cover, with calm seas, a five-knot wind, and a luminous moon illuminating the night sky, the anomaly was spotted. Emerging slowly from behind a dark rain cloud, the object paused in front of it for a duration of four to five seconds before executing a swift U-turn and retreating back behind the cloud. Approximately twenty to thirty seconds later, a similar or possibly the same luminous entity emerged from the cloud, traversing from left to right for a brief three-second interval. It then came to a halt for eight to ten seconds before commencing a gradual ascent, accelerating in both speed and altitude until it diminished in size and eventually vanished from sight. This precise and detailed account provides valuable insight into an enigmatic occurrence witnessed amidst the vast expanse of the open sea.

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