Cloncurry Min Min Lights


Karen and David Sheffield were in Cloncurry and decided to drive out to the water supply dam one night. They parked in the parking area, looking out over the water, though nothing was visible in the inky blackness.

Suddenly, what looked like a campfire lit up in front of them. David, who had not been to the site before, said, “Let’s go over and say hello to the campers.” Karen replied, “There can be no campers where that fire is burning because it is in the middle of the dam.” David countered, “It cannot be over the water because there is no reflection in the water.” Karen then pointed out, “If it was a campfire, why is it not illuminating the surrounding bushes, trees, or people?” They called out anyway, but there was no reply. The fire flickered out, then lit up again, eventually fading away. They visited the site the next day and estimated that the fire-like object had been directly above the water’s surface.

Previously, I had talked to a couple of people who had experienced similar lights. One story was from a tour operator driving a bus at night. He observed a light, as if from a vehicle, approaching the road they were on at a right angle. It crossed the road a short distance ahead and continued away to the left. The driver naturally thought he was approaching an intersection and that a vehicle had crossed on a road that intersected the main road. However, when he reached the location, he found nothing but undisturbed bushland with no tracks or roads. He concluded that he had observed a Min Min light.

Another report came from two people camped by the side of a waterway. They observed what appeared to be someone approaching the water on the opposite side with a kerosene lantern. The light moved about a meter high along the water’s edge. The campers yelled out a friendly greeting but received no answer. They then realized that there was no reflection on the water or the bushes from the light. They concluded that it was a bizarre light phenomenon, which then perfectly retraced its path and vanished.

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