Gregory River UFO Sighting


Karen Sheffield, a social worker for the Queensland government, was traveling in a government vehicle driven by her colleague Mark Poulson, who has been a social worker in the area for 25 years. At the time of the incident, Mark was, and still is, the Youth Worker for the Normanton to Boulia region. They were en route from Dajarra to the Gregory River, south of Mount Isa, visiting Aboriginal communities, with several Aboriginal children riding in the back of the utility vehicle.

Around 3 PM, under clear and sunny skies, they noticed a pink object several kilometers ahead that they couldn’t identify. As they approached, they realized it was a massive, stationary pink bubble, roughly 10 kilometers wide and 1 kilometer high, with distinct yet blurry edges. It rested on the desert, contrasted against the blue sky.

Their confusion turned to excitement when the Aboriginal children started shouting, “Min Min Light, Min Min Light.” Mark Poulson, equally excited, exclaimed that he had heard of the giant pink Min Min Light from others over his 25-year career but had never seen it himself. He expressed disbelief and joy at finally witnessing it.

The pink bubble stretched across the road with a clear but foggy edge. They drove into it, stopped the car, and stepped out, finding themselves enveloped in the hot pink light. Overwhelmed with euphoria, they sang and danced for a significant period. Eventually, they got back into the car and drove through to the other side. Traveling at 100 kilometers per hour, it took them about five minutes to pass through the bubble.

The pink bubble had no connection to the sunset, which occurred at 8 PM, five hours later. This unique phenomenon persisted the entire time they approached, passed through, and moved away from it. They couldn’t explain its existence

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